I am glad to share with you all researchers and scholars in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields in social sciences and humanities CFP about Third International Sufi Heritage Conference to be held in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan on May 5-7, 2017 by Sindh Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department. The broader theme and sub themes of the conference uses the transcultural conceptually and methodologically approach to engage with cultural heritage narratives with special emphasis on syncretic and plural cultural traditions and intellectual cultural histories in Asian contexts and beyond.

The deadline for research proposals submission is March 28, 2017.

Conference schedule: May 5 - 7, 2017 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Please find CFP below.

all the best,

Conference coordinator

Rafique Wasan

ESKAS doctoral candidate


Walter Benjamin College

Graduate School of Humanities - Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

University of Bern



Call for Papers – 3
rdInternational Conference on Sufi Cultural Heritage
A Transcultural Dialogue with Critical and Alternative Cultural Traditions
May 5 – 7, 2017 (Friday to Sunday)
Organized by
Sindh Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department, Provincial
Government of Sindh, Pakistan
Conference city: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan (venue t.b.a)
Deadline for the submission of abstracts: March 30, 2017
Conference concept note
The conceptualization of culture in anthropology appreciates and acknowledges the diversity
and heterogeneity. Cultures are viewed and interpreted in terms of variation, change,
transculturality and multiculturality in contrast to monolithic, static and unilineal conception.
Moreover, the transcultural and heterogeneous idea of cultures articulates and fosters the
concepts of cultural exchanges, translations, contact zones, hybridity and travelling of cultures
(Appadurai 2005, Welsch 1999, Medick 2014, Neumann and Nunning 2012, Bhabha 1994)
which could be used to transcultural dialogue, conflict transformation and harmony.
Specifically, the transcultural and transnational idea of cultures in the anthropological works
by Appadurai has received much attention in theorizing cultures aiming at deconstructing the
singular, static and monolithic conception of cultures in the current era of transnational and
global exchange.
Conceptually and methodologically grounded into the framework of transculturalism,
pluralism and syncretism, the 3rd International Conference on Sufi cultural heritage aims to
engage with and promote the critical dialogue and knowledge production through investigating
and exchanging the socially engaged critical, activist alternative, counter-cultural narratives,
discourses, worldviews, artistic, music practices and interventions in diverse and multiple
cultural settings. The specific objective and focus of the conference is to bring forth and connect
the idea and cultural production of critical cultural heritages to peaceful, plural, tolerant and
egalitarian pedagogy and social movements for the development of peaceful co-existence, nonviolent
and inclusive human society beyond radical and violent religious, communal, caste,
racial and gender hierarchies.
In the broader conceptual theme of the conference, we invite empirically and conceptually
informed research ideas from the diverse set of scholars, researchers, doctoral students
including the artists, activists and documentary/filmmakers engaged with and working in the
areas of culture, art, music, performance, visual culture and advocacy interventions for the
promotion of peacebuilding, human rights, non-violence, pluralism and intercultural harmony.
The Conference organizing committee invites and welcomes the scholarly academic ideas and
interventions contextualised in South Asia and Asian cultures in general i.e. the Buddhism,
Sikhism, Jainism, Kabirpanth, Baul tradition, Taoism, Shintoism and related alternative,
mystical cultural narratives, practices and movements.
In order to generate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research dialogue, the wide range
of conference themes and sub topics covers the multiple academic fields; anthropology, critical
heritage studies, sociology, ethnomusicology, South Asian Studies, Asian Studies, musicology,
history, Language and Literature, World arts and literature, Literary Studies, Culture Studies,
Performance Studies, Folklore, Religious/Mystical Studies and Muslim cultures, peace studies,
countering-terrorism and cultural policy
Conference Themes
1. Sufi cultural heritage: tangible and intangible heritage (Sufi repertoire, poetry, thought,
discourse, philosophy, folklore, oral history and literature)
2. Sufi/Mystical/Syncretic practices, thought and philosophy
3. Intellectual cultural histories of Sufism in Muslim cultures
4. Sufism, music and dance; Sufism, art and aesthetics
5. Sufism and diversity in Muslim cultures
6. Sufi/cultural iconography in different Asian traditions
7. Sufism/culture and Architecture
8. Critical cultural heritages as sites of anti-radical and violent ideologies
9. Counter-cultural narratives and discourses against religiosity and extremist ideologies
10. Alternative culture and art practices to counter the rise of right-wing ideologies
11. Alternative cultural, artistic and musical interventions for peacebuilding, non-violence,
respect for religious minorities and inclusive society
12. Sufism/Cultural traditions and Modernity, Youth Culture
13. Sufism/cultural heritages and global movements
14. Culture, art, literature and folklore in the making of plural, heterogeneous, syncretism,
peaceful co-existence, plural and inclusive culture
15. Creative cultural and literary movements and peacebuilding
16. Culture, art. literature, music and Cosmopolitanism
17. Culture, peace narratives and conflict transformation
18. South Asian cultural traditions and alternative discourses such as Sufism, Buddhism,
Sikhism, Jainism, Kabirpanth etc in the making of syncretic, egalitarian and plural
19. Gender/women’s representation and Sufism, Sufi practices
20. Gender/Women in cultural movements
21. Countering extremism and violence in Pakistan/South Asia and national, regional and
global cultural policy challenges i.e. National Action Plan and Counter-terrorism
22. International politics, countering terrorism, peacebuilding, cultural heritage and policy
i.e. role and responsibilities of International community/UNESCO
Abstract submission: Interested scholars, researchers, doctoral students, artists, activists,
filmmakers and policy analysts are informed to submit 300-word abstract paper in PDF format
to conference coordinator at rafique_anthro@hotmail.com by March 28, 2017.Selected paper
presenters will be notified by the March 30, 2017.
Conference participation expenses: The Provincial Sindh Culture, Tourism and Antiquities
Department will fund the travelling and accommodation expenses of the selected presenters.
Conference City: Conference will take place at the metropolitan Karachi city, capital of Sindh
province in Pakistan
Sufi music nights
Conference will organise and host the grand Sufi music concerts by diverse Sufi performers.
Kind regards,
Conference Coordinator
Rafique Wassan
ESKAS doctoral candidate
Cultural Anthropology of music and Cultural Studies
Walter Benjamin College
Graduate School of Humanities
University of Bern, Switzerland
Email: rafique_anthro@hotmail.com
Cell: +41763034456

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