Dear fellow anthros,

Does your research focus on the political configurations, cultural formation, social networks or discursive dimensions of what is called "the West"? Are you interested in how the real or imagined community of Western countries exists and functions? Do you want to analyze and/or problematize phenomena and concepts like "Western culture" and "Western society"?

If so, you are warmly welcome to join our international and interdisciplinary network, The West Network. Just tell us your name, affiliation, contact information, and keywords (max. 5) that best describe your research, and we will add you to our Members list.

If you are interested in writing for our upcoming book entitled Crises of the Liberal "West", please read the CFP at and send us your abstract by May 23rd.

Read more about the network at our website: Or visit our Facebook page at

Best wishes,

Jukka Jouhki
Director of Coordinating Group
The West Network

Jukka Jouhki, Senior Researcher // Department of History and Ethnology, P.O. Box 35 (H), 40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland // Tel. +358 400 247 436, email<>, URL:

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