During the Ninth International Conference on Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS IX) in Umea/Sweden the new IASSA Working Group on “Gender in the Arctic” will be launched!

Visit the new website of the Gender in the Arctic WG https://gender-arctic.jimdo.com/

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Although gender is a topic in the fields of Arctic demography, political participation, and in studies on health, amongst other areas, gender-related research studies as a field of social sciences has thus far been conspicuously disparate, i.e. conducted in different parts of the Circumpolar North (Russia, Fennoscandia, North America) with hardly any interconnection. There are no integrated approaches in this field as of yet, despite the obvious importance of gender for indigenous and other communities throughout the Arctic. Therefore, one of the WG´s aim is to bundle existing activities, networks, institutions and research in the field of gender in the Arctic and increase the visibility of the topic --- see more on aims and contexts on the website https://gender-arctic.jimdo.com/

The Gender in the Arctic WG will kick-off with a roundtable discussion on 9th of June 2017 where the relevance and state of the art in Arctic Gender and Intersectionality Studies will be addressed. This discussion follows the official launch of the Working Group where future activities and modes of boosting the theme in Arctic research are going to be discussed. Everyone who is interested to contribute and participate is warmly welcome to this kick-off.

ICASS IX: gender related events
8th of June: Toward a gender equal sustainable human developement in the Arctic. session chair: Eva-Maria Svensson
9th of June: The invisibility of gender. session chair: Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv
9th of June: Roundtable: Gender in the Arctic. chair: J. Otto Habeck and Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv

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Gertrude Saxinger
J. Otto Habeck
Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv

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