Social and cultural exclusion in seaside gentrification on the south coast of England

This project seeks to explore the ways in which the particularities of seaside gentrification on the south coast produces specific forms of social and cultural connection and exclusion through everyday social encounters. The project focuses on urban street spaces, traditional places of culture and pleasure, and new spaces linked to the new forms of digital, creative and cultural industries. An ethnography of the urban seaside, using mobile and creative methods, will examine the ways in which particular social differences determine cultural connections and exclusions linked to space and place. This project is aimed at understanding specific gentrification processes on the south coast, where the historical reliance on a littoral economy (most recently based on tourism) poses particular needs, opportunities and challenges around regeneration. In particular, contemporary regeneration developments are characterised by forms of gentrification that have emerged through the processes distinct to the south east region including the spread of creative and cultural industries and digital economies from London to the coastal towns and cities of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire.

The Datafication of cycling

This project brings together scholarship in mobilities, intelligent transport and big data to explore the potential of industry-collected cycling data in informing policies and planning for more sustainable transport and mobilities. A critical exploration of cycling data at the intersection of innovative industries and public policies is at the heart of the project. The project engages with current debates on the potential for big data analysis through case study analysis in key cities across the world.

We fund students undertaking Masters + PhD programmes (1+3 funding) and stand-alone PhD programmes (+3 funding). Deadline: 21 June 2017.

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