Founding Fellows 

At the Annual General Meetings of 2013, 2014, and 2015, the Canadian Anthropology Society recognized a select number of Founding Fellows whose contributions have been defining for anthropology in Canada. The Founding Fellows come from all regions and both official languages and were selected and offered this honour by the Executive.


CASCA Fellows

Beginning in 2016, the Canadian Anthropology Society has inducted a select number of Fellows of the Canadian Anthropology Society at its annual general meeting. Fellows are longstanding members of the Canadian Anthropology Society who have made notable contributions to CASCA and to anthropology in Canada through any combination of research, practice, teaching/mentoring or service (including community service). A call for nominations is made to the membership each fall and Fellows are selected and offered this honour by the Executive the following year.

The purpose of these Fellows is to recognize the contributions of longstanding CASCA members to the association and to anthropology in Canada. Fellows will be presented to the Association during the AGM each year. Specific nomination criteria include:
• That the nominee has been a member of CASCA for at least 15 years;
• That the nominee is not a Founding Fellow;
• That the nominee is retired or close to retirement and;
• That the nominee has a significant contribution to CASCA and anthropology in Canada.
• In addition, nominees may be an Emeritus Professor.

Please forward nominations, including a rationale and a short bio of the nominee, to the Ad Hoc committee chaired by Past-President.


Founding Fellows honoured at CASCA 2013 at the University of Victoria

  • Michael Asch
  • Margaret Critchlow
  • Regna Darnell
  • Harvey Feit
  • Marie-Françoise Guédon
  • Robin Ridington
  • Peter Stephenson
  • Adrian Tanner
  • Penny van Esterik
  • Elvi Whitaker 

Founding Fellows honoured at CASCA 2014 at York University

  • Jim Freedman
  • Gerald Gold
  • Frances Henry
  • Andrea Laforet
  • Richard Lee
  • Richard Preston
  • Donat Savoie
  • Margaret Seguin Anderson
  • Gerald Sider

Founding Fellows honoured at CASCA 2015 at Laval University

  • Pierre Beaucage (Emeritus Université de Montréal)
  • Julie Cruikshank (Emerita UBC)
  • Carmen Lambert (Emerita McGill)
  • Pierre Maranda (Emeritus Université Laval)
  • Eric Schwimmer (Emeritus, Université Laval)

CASCA Fellows honoured at the CASCA 2016 at Dalhousie University

  • Ellen Judd (University of Manitoba)
  • Francine Saillant (Université Laval) 

CASCA Fellows honoured at the CASCA 2017 at University of Ottawa

  • Pauline Gardiner Barber
  • Andrew Lyons
  • Harriet Lyons
  • Bruce Miller


CASCA Fellows honoured at the CASCA 2018 at Universidad de Oriente (Santiago de Cuba)

  • Gilles Bibeau
  • Jean-Guy Goulet
  • Winnie Lem, Deirdre Meintel
  • Gavin Smith

CASCA Fellows honoured at the
  • Janice Graham
  • Alan Smart
  • Josephine Smart

CASCA Fellows honoured in 2020
  • Dan Jorgensen
  • James Waldram
  • Christine Jourdan 
  • Marie France Labrecque


CASCA Fellows honoured at CASCA Guelph in 2021
  • Julia Harrison
  • Noel Dyck
  • Vered Amit
  • Sylvie Poirier


CASCA Fellows honoured at CASCA Regina in 2022

  • Pamela Downe
  • Udo Krautwurst
  • Donna Patrick


CASCA Fellows honoured at the AAACASCA2023, Toronto
  • Michael Lambek
  • Susan Vincent
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