Weaver-Tremblay Award

In 1992 the Society for Applied Anthropology in Canada established the Weaver-Tremblay Award, naming it after the late Marc-Adélard Tremblay and the late Sally Weaver, two of Canada's most respected anthropologists. Both Weaver and Tremblay were instrumental in the founding of CASCA, an initiative prompted by a range of factors, but a central principle was their belief that anthropologists and their professional associations need to examine and address matters of social and political concern. The award was subsequently moved to CASCA's jurisdiction and has been presented to a series of distinguished colleagues during the past 25 years.

Past recipients include Joan Ryan (1993), Michael Ames (1994), Paul Charest (1995), Peter Stephenson (1997), Michael Robinson (1998), Michael Asch (2001), Pierre Beaucage (2002), Donat Savoie (2003), Elvi Whittaker (2004), Herman Konrad (2005), Richard Preston (2006), Penny Van Esterik (2007), Harvey Feit (2008), James Waldram (2009), Gilles Bibeau (2010), Pamela Downe (2011), Adrian Tanner (2013), Regna Darnell (2014), Marie France Labrecque (2015), Janice Graham (2016), Margaret Critchlow (2017), Dara Culhane (2018) and Noel Dyck (2019).

Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

The award is for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Nominations should include a CV, a cover letter from the nominator explaining why the candidate is worthy of the award, and any supporting material the nominator feels is important, including (but not limited to) publications and letters from other academics and/or community organizations. Such letters serve to strengthen the file. We also ask that you attach a separate biography of the nominee, one that could be used on the website if the nominee is presented with the Weaver-Tremblay Award.

The winner is invited to deliver a plenary address at the CASCA annual conference and a medal is awarded; the association covers travel costs at CASCA executive rates.

Deadline and Contact Information

Nominations for the 2018 recipient of the Weaver-Tremblay Award should be received by 1 November 2018 and addressed to the CASCA President, Pamela Downe. Email submissions are encouraged, but paper submissions can be made if received by the deadline at:

Pamela Downe 
President, Canadian Anthropology Society/ Société canadienne d'anthropologie
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology 
55 Campus Dr.

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B1




Enquiries can be made to:

Charles Menzies – CASCA Secretary