2021 - Dr. Marie Françoise Guédon

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2020 - Dr. Regna Darnell

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2017 - Dr. Homa Hoodfar

Homa Hoodfar

Born in Iran in 1951, Homa did her B.A. in Economics at the University of Tehran and moved to Britain in the 1970s to do an interdisciplinary M.A. in Development Studies at the University ofManchester and her PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Kent.  She came to Montreal in the late 1980s teaching first at McGill University and then settling in at Concordia University in 1991 where she was a much loved teacher for more than 20 years.  She retired from Concordia in June 2015.  At Concordia, Homa designed and taught the popular courses: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights; Development Debates; and Popular Culture in the Middle East.  Mentoring students, both men and women, was very important to Homa.  She was always available to students and often lost track of time in enjoyable after-class conversations with them. Read more...

2015 - Dr. Carmen LambertCarmen and Heather

The recipient of the 2014-2015 CASCA Women's Network Lifetime Achievement Award is Dr. Carmen Lambert (McGill University). Dr. Lambert has had a distinguished career studying social inequality, and has been dedicated to its eradication. She was among the founding forty members of the Women’s Network at its original meeting in 1984. During her career, she was Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee as a Vice-President for the Social Science Federation of Canada, and in 1990 she published Toward a New Equality: the Status of Women in Canadian Universities. She was instrumental in convincing SSHRC to foster a strategic research program entitled ‘Women and Work.’ As well, Carmen has been committed to the advocacy of change in First Nations’ communities. She was one of the founding members and co-editors of Feminist Stratégies Féministes, a bilingual scholarly electronic journal. The Award was presented to Dr. Lambert by Dr. Heather Howard (right and left in the photo, respectively) at the Women's Network Luncheon during the CASCA Conference at Université Laval, May 2015.


2013 - Dr. Penny Van Esterik Penny

The 2013 CASCA Women's Network Lifetime Achievement Award for Feminist Anthropology in Canada is awarded to Dr. Penny Van Esterik (York University). Dr. Van Esterik was one of the first to argue that breastfeeding is fundamentally a feminist issue, and has continued to write extensively on this subject. She is a preeminent scholar who has worked tirelessly to advance women’s causes and rights in the national and international arenas for over three decades. She has been and continues to be a force of academic rigour, excellence and sustained feminist advocacy.


2011 - Dr. Elvi Whittaker

The first CASCA Women's Network Lifetime Achievement Award for Feminist Anthropology in Canada was awarded to Dr. Elvi Whittaker.  Dr. Whittaker is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. She was recognized as one of the founders and first coordinators of the CASCA Women's network, as well as a past president of CASCA, and past president of the Canadian Social Science Federation.

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