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Why Join CASCA

The Canadian Anthropology Society is a bilingual organization operating at a national level. We are your organization, representing the interests of anthropologists and the discipline nationally. CASCA organizes the largest anthropological conference in the country and collaborates with other anthropological organizations across the country, continent and world. We provide travel grants to graduate students to help them start up their careers, and provide a bilingual venue for publishing academic papers via our journal Anthropologica. If you would like more information as to how to join CASCA or the benefits of joining CASCA, we encourage you to contact our Membership Manager, Karli Whitmore.


Membership Fees (2020)

  • Undergraduate students: $ 25 / year 
  • Low income / graduate students / post-doc/ retired: $45 / year ($125 / 3 years) 
  • Regular employed, income less than $70,000 per annum (1 yr) $123 plus open-access-levy $40 (1 yr) / $354 plus open-access-levy $115 (3 yrs)
  • Regular employed, income between $70,000 and $100,000 per annum $138 plus open-access-levy $45 (1 yr) / $399 plus open-access-levy $130 (3 yr)
  • Regular employed, income over $100,000 per annum $158 plus open-access-levy $51 (1 yr) / $460 plus open-access-levy $150 (3 yr)

All CASCA memberships include a subscription to the journal Anthropologica and enable you to register for CASCA's annual conference.



  • Promote anthropology in Canada.
  • Support anthropological research.
  • Disseminate anthropological knowledge in the academic milieu and to the wider public.



As CASCA was recognized as a Learned Society, an organization that promotes education and research, CASCA was granted Registered Charity status, and because of this can issue tax receipts for eligible donations made to our society.Gifts from individual or corporate donors are welcomed. Official tax receipts for gifts will be issued. The Charities Division says that donors cannot benefit in more than a nominal way from their own gifts. That means that no receipts may be given for membership subscriptions. If you would like to donate additional monies, over and above your membership fees, to CASCA, you will be issued a tax receipt We invite you to contact the Treasurer of CASCA, Udo Krautwurst for more information.

If you wish, you may indicate which of CASCA's charitable programs you want to support by selecting from:

  • The Women's Network.
  • The Student Travel Reimbursement program.
  • The Salisbury award, commemorating the achievements of McGill University applied anthropologist Richard Salisbury.
  • The Student Travel Reimbursement program which helps Anthropology Graduate Students present papers at CASCA.
  • The general CASCA fund where your contribution will help to support other CASCA programs such as the Weaver-Tremblay award which recognizes professional achievement in Applied Anthropology and Anthropologica, CASCA's bilingual journal with a worldwide readership.

The donation form can be found here.

or by Paypal: 

All donations are welcome, large and small, and it is your support that will ensure that anthropology  continues to grow and thrive in Canada.


Online Registration

Joining or renewing your CASCA membership is merely a click away By clicking on the aforementioned link, you will be redirected to our online membership registration form. Here you will provide your personal information and will be able to pay using a credit card or cheque.


  • All of the categories must be filled in the online form and be sure to verify all the information before submitting the form;
  • Your membership must be renewed each and every year as renewal is not automatic;
  • Please note that your membership fees will not be reimbursed once paid.

A receipt will be generated after payment of your fees. Please print the online receipt for your records as no other receipt will be issued to you.Additional Information:

Your CASCA membership is valid in the year in which you are paying, unless otherwise stipulated. For example, if you pay for your membership between January 1st and December 31st, 2009 your membership will be valid for the year 2009 and you will receive all 2009 issues of Anthropologica. To renew your membership for 2010 you should do so after January 1st, 2010.

Inquiries about membership, please contact our Membership Manager, Karli Whitmore.


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This is a "moderated" list used mainly to distribute announcements of interest to CASCA members by e-mail.

To subscribe to the CASCA list, send the following command in your message body to (please leave the subject line of your message blank): subscribe casca lastname firstname


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