Early announcement - summer school 2018 in Austria and Hungary: Definitions of Health - Implications for Care

This is an early announcement of an interdisciplinary academic summer program in Austria and Hungary from May 26 to June 7, 2018, with the title "Definitions of Health - Implications for Care." Registration starts in October, 2017, but, as the number of participants is limited to 20, those expressing interest early will be added to a list and will be given preference when registration starts. Being on the list does not imply a firm commitment to participate. It is just about expressing interest.

Below are some details about the program. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the program.


Course Title: Definitions of Health - Implications for Care

Academic Credits: Undergraduate seniors will receive 3 undergraduate credits and graduate and professional students will receive 3 graduate credits for completing the program. The academic credits can be transferred from Creighton University to other academic institutions.

CEUs for Health Professionals: If at least 3 health professionals participate, the program instructors will apply through Creighton University's office for Health Sciences Continuing Education to have the program approved for CEUs; comparable programs award up to 140 CEUs.

Course Description: This course explores different understandings of health and how these influence perceptions of care and ultimately policies pertaining to public health and health care. Participants will compare and contrast their own understandings and perceptions as well as knowledge about health, care, public health and health care in the United States with those of individuals and groups encountered during a two-weeks’ program in and near Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). While we have not yet confirmed whom we will meet, it is likely that we will:

* have a conversation with physicians and nurses in a formal allopathic healthcare setting
* meet psychologists addressing war trauma and engage with their refugee clients
* speak with a shamanistic healer and participate in a healing session
* interact with therapists at a historic spa and experience a day at the spa
* visit an alternative cancer treatment center and meet its alternative health professionals
* meet with faculty and students in Budapest exploring sacral communication and healing
* tour a holistic health center that practices transpersonal therapy and speak with its founder
* discuss health care with health professionals at a Budapest university in light of the the country's political history
* visit the main pilgrimage shrine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Mariazell and speak with individuals engaged in spiritual healing.

Engaging with representatives of such and other organizations and groups in two different countries provides a unique opportunity for students to analyze understandings and realities of health, care and health care and to explore innovative thoughts and approaches for public health and health care in the United States.

Language of Instruction: The course will be held entirely in English and no knowledge of German or Hungarian is needed. All our partners in Austria and Hungary are fluent in English.

Course Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Differentiate various concepts of health.
2. Analyze concepts of care and caregiving in terms of associated concepts of health.
3. Debate the advantages and shortcomings of various health care systems.
4. Explore how integrated care systems influence health outcomes.
5. Propose alternative models of caregiving.

Course Instructors: Dr. Becky Davis DNP APHN-BC is an Assistant Professor of Nursing and teaches undergraduate community health and public health nursing. Dr. Margo Minnich DNP RN is an Assistant Professor of Nursing and teaches undergraduate community health and public health nursing. Dr. Alexander Roedlach SVD PhD is an Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to public and global health and directs the graduate program in medical anthropology.

Assignments and Participation: The program includes (1) pre-trip assignments during the spring semester, (2) assignments when in Austria and Hungary, and (3) post-trip assignments during the fall semester. Grades will be assigned after the post-trip assignments have been submitted and graded. No physical presence at Creighton University is required for the pre- and post-course assignments.

Costs: The costs will be about $3,200 but may be significantly lower. The actual costs will be known by the end of October and include tuition, room and board while in Austria and Hungary, and all program-related expenses during the time in Austria and Hungary, such as train and boat fares, meals during site visits, etc. The airfare to Vienna International Airport is not included.


Contact Info

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA)
c/o Karli Whitmore
125 rue Jean de la Londe, #301
Baie d'Urfe (Québec) H9X 3T8