"Academic time now" - CFP Finnish Anthropological Society conference, August 2019

Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting a paper for our session, Academic Time Now,
at the Biennial Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society On Time
to be held in Helsinki, August 29–30, 2019

Is academic time out of joint? There is a sense that many of the delights of research are ever harder to enjoy because institutional and economic factors have squeezed out a key condition of rewarding academic labour, time. This panel invites contributions that explore current configurations of time and academic work.

Subtle transformations in temporal and labour regimes have attracted scholarly attention recently. How do the rhythms of audit culture connect with everyday academic lives? There have also been calls to "slow down" university work. In Another Science is Possible: A manifesto for slow science (2018), Isabel Stengers has even written of the need to slow down to avoid impending barbarism. She cites Alfred North Whitehead, for whom "the task of the University is the creation of the future, so far as rational thought, and civilised modes of appreciation, can affect the issue”. Indeed, future-talk of various kinds has entered intellectual discourse in the last few years, in part to do with threats to Earth systems – the Anthropocene. As universities play contradictory roles vis-à-vis such developments, scholarly, socio-economic and bodily desires increasingly clash – or do they?

Academics have personal experience of the issues. We can also think creatively about the less obvious forces shaping the connections between ways of reckoning time, doing research and hegemonic aspirations, for example for efficiency or economic growth. We may also challenge Stengers’ view. Contributions are invited from anthropologists and others, that reflect on their own practice, on the role of institutions or on student experiences, or any other aspect of the panel topic.

Send proposals by April 1st to the panel convenors:
Eeva Berglund, Aalto University, eeva.berglund[a]aalto.fi
Matti Eräsaari, University of Helsinki, matti.erasaari[a]helsinki.fi

The proposals should comprise abstracts of 250–300 words and be submitted directly to the panel convenors. Please include your university affiliation and contact information when submitting the proposal.

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