The CASCA Women’s Network has a moderated mailing list, managed through a listserv, to send announcements of interest to the CASCA Women’s Network by e-mail. If you would like to keep in touch with Women’s Network news and events, please subscribe! We expect the message traffic to be relatively low, so your inbox is safe from flooding (by us at least).

To subscribe to the list

  • Send an email to LISTSERV@KIL-LSV-1.UCIS.DAL.CA
  • Leave the subject line of your message blank
  • Write the following command in the message body:
    • “subscribe casca-women firstname lastname”
    • E.g. “subscribe casca-women Michelle Dupont”

To post a notice to the list

For other queries about this list, contact Stephanie Hobbis,, communications coordinator for the Women’s Network.