CASCA2022 panel CFP - Beyond Heterosexual Monogamy: Governing Ways of Relating


Abstract: This panel engages with ways of relating and how they are governed. In Canada, monogamous, heterosexual marriage was the only legal form of marriage for almost 140 years, but monogamy was not self-evident to many settlers, Indigenous communities, and immigrants to Canada. Instead, the ubiquity of monogamy was the outcome of considerable boundary work by policymakers, religious leaders, and the media. This panel examines ways of relating outside heterosexual monogamy, within and beyond Canada; from the systemic inequities faced by those practicing nonmonogamy, to the boundary work that some non-monogamists engage in to separate differing nonmonogamies from one another, such as polyamory and polygamy.


Those interested in presenting should contact Victoria Clowater - clowatev(a)


Victoria Clowater
(all pronouns)
PhD Student
Department of Anthropology
McMaster University

CFP CASCA2022panel - Reflection and Rigour: Putting Critical Pedagogy into Practice in Course Assignments and Assessments (Sponsored by the Critical Pedagogy In Canadian Anthropology)

Currently, there are many discussions in critical pedagogy regarding rethinking traditional assessments and assignments in the classroom. This includes new innovations in “ungrading,” “unessays,” multi-modal assignments, public-facing assignments, and peer and self-assessment. This panel will explore the pros and cons of these approaches highlighting and showcasing examples that instructors have used successfully in anthropology classes. We are looking for participants who would like to share some of the successes and challenges they have experienced with these innovative approaches (or any others not listed here) in their own classes. Please contact either Maggie Cummings ( or Mary-Lee Mulholland ( if you would like to participate in this panel by February 1st with a short description of what you would like to contribute.

“Screw Your Freedom:” New Totalitarianism, Up Close and Out in the Open(?)

In tandem with popular adoption and civic enforcement of emergency public health measures, “BeSci” behavioural modification programs (Impact Canada 2021) and clandestine military psy-ops (Pugliese 2021), which foster compliance and stifle dissidence vis-à-vis those measures and related government messaging, signal a societal shift marked by what Agamben (2021) calls “the end of […] of bourgeois democracy (60), and by the swelling of new expressions of totalitarianism in states rhetorically and historically associated with liberalism and its proselytization. “Screw your freedom,” a recent remark by Arnold Schwarzenegger, evokes a moral shift, away from safeguarding rights and freedoms, to prioritizing collective safety in correspondence with technocratically prescribed conceptions of what and who is un/essential and un/safe.

This panel fosters dialogue concerning these shifts’ characteristics, and societal and scholarly implications. Contributors are encouraged to experiment plotting out the processual, relational, and discursive natures of new totalitarianism. Contestation of the panel’s premise is welcome.

Anyone interested in participating in this session should contact Nicolas Rasiulis (McGill U) at



Agamben, Giorgio. 2021. Where Are We Now? The Epidemic as Politics.

Impact Canada. 2021. “Projects.” Government of Canada webpage.

Pugliese, David. “Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says.” Ottawa Citizen September 27, 2021. as-unique-opportunity-to-test-propaganda-techniques-on-canadians-forces-report- says?fbclid=IwAR0de1yJc_eb_NoiffD30-v2YMqD29c0ds2kHVsyCHUKUgsdykKV9--- TfA.



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