CFP: Body making, body hacking: enhancement technologies and (post?)human presents

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Please consider submitting a paper to panel P032*

"Body making, body hacking: enhancement technologies and (post?)human presents”

to be held at the upcoming 7th Congress of the Portuguese Anthropological Association (APA) that will take place between in Lisbon, June 4-7 2019, at NOVA – School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The period for submission of paper proposals is open until January 7, 2019

*The panel is an initiative of the research project "EXCEL. In pursuit of excellence"- PI Chiara Pussetti, funded by the the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC/SOC-ANT/30572/2017) and hosted by the ICS - University of Lisbon.
EXCEL tackles enhancement technologies as bio-investment practices to promote personal competitiveness according to a logic of excellence, reading bodily and cognitive alterations as processes of self-making in shifting economies.


P032 "Body making, body hacking: enhancement technologies and (post?)human presents”

Enhanced bodies, post-human bodies, better performances: this panel addresses the cosmetic consumption of enhancement biotechnologies and body-hacking as practices of self-making in shifting economic and socio-historical contexts.

The technological capacity to transform biology, relying on advances in genetic engineering, pharmacology, cybernetics and nanotechnology, has spurred a variety of devices to manipulate human bodies that are commonly defined as “enhancement technologies”. Under this definition are included biotechnologies as different as aesthetic plastic surgery, skin bleaching treatments, smart and life-style drugs, hormonal therapies and biohacking implants. In this panel we suggest to refer to the cosmetic consumption of biotechnologies of enhancement, meaning the use of biotechnologies by “healthy” individuals with the aim to ameliorate their aspects or performances rather than to treat a pathology. Our aim is to open a reflection on enhancement practices within shifting economic and socio-historical contexts, asking: what aspirations underlie biological self-making through enhancement technologies? What are the logics, limits and foresights of body manipulations? Can these practices endorse or challenge analytical concepts of humanity and post-humanity in social sciences? We encourage papers that address, enhancement biotechnologies as practices of self-making, gendered self-construction projects through body modification, transnational geographies of biotechnologies of enhancement and their markets, body-hacking practices and bio-hacking advocacy for universal access to biotechnologies.

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Francesca De Luca and Maricó Lo Bosco

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